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  • KHEU staff at the OCI GATE Conference 2014

  • Cabinet Secretery for Education Science & Technology, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi recognising the 'uniqueness' and 'christian character' potrayed by KHEU. "...this is special...that specialization in Universities, like KHEU

  • 2016 January Intake

    We are pleased to announce 2016 intake for all courses on offer is ongoing.To apply follow the link


How to Apply


Duly completed forms should be returned to academics office with a non-refundable fee as follows:- Certificate and bridging courses - Kshs 300, Diploma and Pre-University Courses - Kshs 500, Undergraduate Courses - Kshs 1000, Payable to Kenya Highlands Evangelical University bank account:

A/C  NO.  0102824221700
Kenya  Highland Evangelical University
Standard Chartered Bank
Kericho Branch